The Verdict: A Freelance Writer Who Speaks Legal, Not Legalese

My name is Jan Hill and I’m a legal copywriter who also happens to be a paralegal. Only a copywriter with a legal background would know the obstacles law firms and legal technology marketers encounter and how to overcome them.

Legal copywriter, blogger, and industry insider

I’m an industry insider who understands law, legal technology, and how to turn complex topics into understandable content. I write blog posts, articles, case studies, special reports, press releases and more, all geared to help law firms retain new clients and legal technology companies close more sales.

Here are some of the great clients I’ve worked with over the years:


“For more than a year,  Jan has been providing blog content for my law firm client. I am a marketing consultant and she and I have worked closely from day-one and Jan has been a tremendous resource. Her knowledge of the legal world, coupled with her outstanding writing skills, are a perfect combination in providing blog articles for a full service law firm. She has been great at creating articles based on topics we’ve provided or in making suggestions of topics that fit our practice areas. If you are a law firm or represent a law firm as a marketing partner, I highly recommend Jan if you need an experienced, professional writer of blog copy, website copy, newsletter copy or other legal oriented writing. She is always on time, is easy to work with and highly competent.” ~Norm Robinson, Norm Robinson Consulting

“Jan is a talented journalist who can cover a broad range of topics in an expert manner. I’ve had the privilege of working with Jan on a number of short and longer term projects, and her work is always thoughtful, well-researched, and on deadline. She’s also open and receptive to feedback, timely with revisions, and makes the editorial/content management process as easy as possible for us.” ~David Reich, SixEstate Communications

“Jan is a very talented writer and super easy to work with. She accepts guidance and constructive criticism very easily.” ~Jessica Hoerman, TorHoerman Law LLC

“Jan’s work is not only consistently on time, but well-crafted and organized. Her writing needs minimal editing and I can always count on her to turn in quality content. She is an integral and valuable member of my writing team. ~Debbie Ronca, Strategic Legal Web

“Jan delivers quality writing on time, every time. She takes pride in her work and it shows. As a result she is one of our favorite writers to work with and we’ve hired her more than once.” ~Katie McCaskey, SixEstate Communications

“I am the editor & hiring manager of, a directory of legal resources and information, and I hired Jan to be one of FLA’s contributing writers. Since Jan first began writing for FLA in April 2010, she has consistently produced excellent work with minimal supervision. Her articles are informative and possess an easy readability. Plus, I have always been able to trust Jan to get her work done in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Jan as a writer.” ~Michaela Zanello,

“I used Jan as a freelance writer on numerous occasions during my time as the weekend news editor at the Rapid City Journal. Jan always produced great copy that took minimal editing. She was always on time with her stories and very thorough in making sure every source was interviewed and every angle covered.” ~Andrew Cutler, Publisher/Managing Editor of La Grande Observer

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