I’m a seasoned legal writer who will produce copy per your specifications – on topic and on deadline.

I have written about many areas of law, including personal injury, workers’  compensation, employment, insurance, bankruptcy, family law, estate planning, maritime, oil and gas, and criminal defense. I also write about legal marketing, legal technology, and breaking legal news.

I’ve been a paralegal for nearly 15 years and my writing reflects it. I cut through the legalese and explain complex legal concepts in clear, compelling language that potential clients and customers will understand.

Here are some examples of my published work:

Content Marketing


Manual vs. Automated Enterprise Contract Management: A Before and After View


Eliminating Medical Bankruptcy: ACA a Good Start, But Not the Solution

Wrigley Seeks to Smoke Out Chicago E-Cigarette Maker Brands

Independent Musicians Take on Digital Giant Over Streaming Rights

Timeless on the Bubble: Future of Series, Copyright Lawsuit Remain Uncertain

Simmons Hanly Conroy

Initiative Seeks to Pursue Justice for Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Essure Lawsuits

Taxotere Permanent Hair Loss Lawsuits

Birth Defect Drugs

One Legal

Maximizing the Power of Your Legal Support Staff

That’s a Crime? 13 Current State Laws that Might Surprise You

Don’t Write Wrong: $10 Million Lawsuit Decided Over Missing Serial Comma

5 Key Skills Attorneys Look For When Hiring a Paralegal

O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss Attorneys

Are You a Safe Driver?

Parking Lots: Busy and Often Dangerous Places

ND Ranks Second Highest in Hate Crimes in U.S. Per Capita

Supreme Court Finds That Warrantless Blood Tests Violate U.S. Constitution

USI Affinity

Reputational Coverage and Why You Need It

Winging It: How to Approach a Case Outside Your AOP

When Lawyers Mess Up: Current Malpractice Trends

The Importance of Good Client Selection

Cyber Crimes – Yes, They Do Happen to Small Firms

Page Vault

Admissibility of Online Evidence: It’s All in the Authentication

Metadata and its Growing Significance as Digital Evidence

The Legal Examiner

GAO to Investigate Dangers of Power Morcellators

FDA’s Controversial 510(k) Process Under Scrutiny

Is the Toy Your Child Got For Christmas Unsafe?

What Should I Do When the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Calls?

Duty to Defend: Your Insurance Company’s Promise to You

The Devastating Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury

What are the Chances That My Personal Injury Case Will Go to Trial?

What is a Dram-Shop Lawsuit?

The Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen, P.C.

Landing Page

Car Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Truck Accidents

Premises Liability

Dog Bites

Wrongful Death

Pedestrian Accidents

Colorado Accident Law Blog

Insurance Shouldn’t Take Passengers for a Ride

Accidents While on the Job in Colorado: Are You Covered if You’re Driving Your Personal Vehicle?

Discovery: When Your Case Gets Filed, Your Life Becomes an Open Book

3 Reasons You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage

5 Things Insurance Adjusters Don’t Need to Know

Why Settle a Personal Injury Case Before Trial?

3 Ways Families Can Get Compensation for Wrongful Death

Case studies/special reports

Clio Legal Practice Management Software

Apple in Law Offices 2013 Survey Report

Realization Rates in Law Firms

The Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen, P.C.

I’ve Been Injured, Now What?

Trade magazines

Oil & Gas Monitor

Offshore Fracking Injuries

Paralegal Today

Choosing a Paralegal Program

E-Discovery Management

Virtual Paralegal Internships

Living Safer

Legalized Marijuana Prompts Cultural, Societal Change in Colorado



Paralegal Jobs

Not just legal – I write about other topics too!

CORA Physical Therapy

Successful Return-to-Work Programs Depend on Patient Involvement

Can Physical Therapy Treat Vertigo?